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Archive for the 'Tokyo University' Category

JEAP Symposium Just Around The Corner

A symposium on baby robots will be rounded out by a demonstration at the end of the week.

Up Close and Personal with Kojiro

A video showcasing Kojiro, a humanoid robot with redundant actuators that simulates the human bone and muscle system.

• Mamoru

Tokyo University’s IRT Research Institute has developed this robot to help people with bad memory.

• Assistant Robot

Tokyo University’s IRT research lab is developing an Assistant Robot (formerly called the Home Assistant Robot) that can help clean up around homes and hospitals by manipulating existing technology.

• UT-mu2 “Magnum”

The researchers at Nakamura & Yamane Lab improved on their fighting robot Mighty with a new design, nicknamed “Magnum”. It was publicly displayed at the Aichi Expo in 2005.