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Archive for the 'Nissan' Category

CEATEC JAPAN 2010: Robot Round-Up

Fujitsu’s Therapeutic Bear, AIST’s HRP-4C, and Nissan’s EPORO robots made another appearance at CEATEC JAPAN 2010.

Nissan Cube Concept Car gets the Pixar Treatment

Nissan’s Cube gets a smiley face thanks to a soft urethane skin and animatronics. It’s like Pixar’s Cars only in real life!

AIST & Nissan’s Unit-Type Mico-Mobility Device

Video footage from AIST / Nissan’s personal mobility device.

Nissan & AIST create Ski-less Skis

Nissan and AIST have developed an unusual personal mobility device to compete with Toyota’s Winglet and Honda’s U3-X.

CEATEC Japan 2009: Robot Round-Up

Nissan, Murata Manufacturing, and AIST gave demonstrations starring their latest advances in robotics technology at CEATEC Japan 2009 (October 6th-10th).

Video post (Eporo, robot hand, Omniduino)

A trio of videos showcasing Nissan’s Eporo from CEATEC 2009, a cool robotic hand interface from Innovation Japan 2009, and a cool hacked Omnibot.

• Pivo-kun

Nissan and NEC are co-developing a robotic agent that sits in the dashboard of your car, and acts as a navigator. It also watches your face for signs of stress or tiredness.

• BR23C

Nissan’s Biomimetic Robot Car is being used as a testbed for crash avoidance technology that could save thousands of lives.