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Archive for the 'Hanool Robotics' Category

Service Robots from ROBOT WORLD 2010

ROBOT WORLD 2010 was held from October 28th~31st 2010, showcasing some of Korea’s latest military, industrial, and service robots alongside some international exhibitors from France and Taiwan.  Aldebaran Robotics showcased NAO, and DasaRobot had a display for their robotic dog, Genibo.  Genibo may get a 2nd generation as DasaRobot announced plans to reveal a new […]

Robots Welcome Guests at South Korea’s Presidential Residence

Visitors to the Presidential residence will be greeted by a robotic guide and dancing robot dogs and fighters.

Hanool Robotics Signs $2.5M Deal With Saudia Arabia

Hanool Robotics will develop fire-fighting and security robots with KACST in Saudi Arabia thanks to a new partnership deal.

• Tiro

Tiro, developed by Hanool Robotics, was the first robot to perform a marriage ceremony.