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Archive for the 'fuRo' Category

fuRo Reveals the Cores of Tomorrow

fuRo reveals some conceptual robot vehicles related to their work on Core.

• Core

fuRo has developed a walking vehicle designed to give the disabled a new pair of legs.

“WIND” Makes Controlling Robots A Breeze

A vest wired with small CPUs registers body movements and transmits them to a robot as a novel form of robot control.

• Morph 3

Morph 3 is a small humanoid developed to safely test motion control technology.

• Halluc-II

FuRo’s follow-up to the Hallucigenia I is an even more versatile concept vehicle with 3 distinct modes of operation, and can be tele-operated via a hemispherical projection called Hull.

• Hallucigenia I

Leading Edge Design & Japanese technology company fuRo (Future Robotics) developed a working miniature prototype vehicle called the Hallucigenia I: an elongated, sleek vehicle with 8 wheels attached at the end of robotic appendages.