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Archive for the 'KIST' Category

Docent Gets A Name, KIST Works On Robot Wrists

South Korea’s museum guide robot known simply as Docent (photo at right) has been given a new name after a contest.  More than 200 children entered the contest, and after some deliberation the name “Muki” (an amalgamation of Museum and Kid) won out.  Muki is scheduled to give tours every morning and afternoon and has […]

EngKey English Tutorbot Shows Up On Video

Some video footage of KIST’s latest educational robot.

More Telepresence Teachers for Korean Classrooms in 2011

More robots entering Korean classrooms in 2011.

Korea’s SIL-BOT Does The Tango & More

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (KIST, CIR) have uploaded some new videos demonstrating their penguin-like partner robot SIL-BOT.  The robot is being used in early childhood education, and has been modified in some cases for use as a telepresence robot for English teachers.  It was originally designed to help […]

Robots Included in TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010

TIME’s best inventions of 2010 includes many robots, but it could always use a few more.

Service Robots from ROBOT WORLD 2010

ROBOT WORLD 2010 was held from October 28th~31st 2010, showcasing some of Korea’s latest military, industrial, and service robots alongside some international exhibitors from France and Taiwan.  Aldebaran Robotics showcased NAO, and DasaRobot had a display for their robotic dog, Genibo.  Genibo may get a 2nd generation as DasaRobot announced plans to reveal a new […]

• Kibo ver.2

Kibo ver.1.2 is a taller and more capable version of CIR’s small bipedal humanoid robot.

• Kibo

Kibo was CIR’s first attempt at a small, expressive bipedal humanoid robot. It would later be replaced by a more sophisticated version (Kibo ver.1.2).