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Archive for August, 2009

Evolta sets New World Record at Le Mans 24hours!

Evolta set a new world record August 5th 2009 for “the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car”.

NEC holds PaPeRo Workshop at Osaka’s “Robot Showroom”

Osaka’s Robot Showroom is open to the public from August 4th ~ 9th, allowing visitors to get some hands-on time with NEC’s delightful communication robot PaPeRo.

Toshiba’s semi-autonomous shopping cart, guide

Toshiba developed a pair of shopping assistants that could guide shoppers and transport their goods.

• AIBO ERS-220

Renowned mecha designer for anime series such as Macross, Shoji Kawamori lent his special touch to the design of SONY’s AIBO ERS-220 in late 2001.

2009 Incheon World City Festival coming soon!

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! A huge festival kicks off in South Korea that brings together world culture, the environment, urban development, robotics, and other advanced technology.

Video: A look inside PINO

ZMP has posted video that shows us the inside of PINO using its digital model.

Tatsuya Matsui’s thoughts on PINO

The following is an excerpt from Tatsuya Matsui’s English homepage which is no longer online. I have reproduced it here for those interested in the history of his wonderful robot, PINO, which he created with Hiroaki Kitano for JST ERATO.


PINO, designed primarily by Hiroaki Kitano and Tatsuya Matsui (who would later form Flower Robotics), was an attempt at creating a standardized open platform for robotics.