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Archive for August, 2009


RIKEN’s Bio Mimetic Control research center developed this robot to help patients into and out of their beds.

Conceptual robot spruces up Mars, Design Competition

Martin Miklica’s design concept entry for Electrolux Design Lab 2009 is a unique quadrupedal robot that serves as mobile green house – for plants on Mars.


RIKEN has developed an upgraded version of their RI-MAN nursing care robot.

• Mahru II / Ahra II

KIST and Samsung continued to refine their humanoid robots Mahru and Ahra with these new models, which featured completely redesigned bodies. Mahru is white and Ahra is silver.

• Steward Robot Joy

KAIST’s Human-friendly Welfare Robot System Engineering Research Center has developed a smart home environment called Intelligent Sweet Home. The Steward Robot Joy is part of this complex system which aims to provide independent living for the elderly or disabled.

• Infanoid

NiCT’s Infanoid was developed to study human-robot interaction with regards to human social development.

Humans to help robots see better

Willow Garage continues to make strides, this time with the help of average humans.

• Ami

KAIST’s AIM lab has been working on its own set of humanoid robots aside from HUBO and the HanSaRam robots developed by other KAIST labs.