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Archive for August, 2009

Video from Incheon World Festival 2009

A video showcasing some of the robotic animals seen inside the Robot Pavilion at Incheon World Festival 2009.


Spain’s PAL Technology Robotics lab has received funding from a Sheik in Abu Dhabi to create an advanced humanoid robot. Reem-A was the first prototype.

• AIBO ERS-311 “Latte” & ERS-312 “Macaron”

SONY was quick to release two new AIBO models after the ERS-210, with Latte and Macaron, a pair of budget-priced AIBOs which are quite possibly the cutest robots ever devised.

• Jumping Flash!

The evil scientist Baron Aloha has stolen valuable chunks of an entire planet, and only Robbit the robot rabbit can bring them back in one piece!

Celebrating 25 Years of Field Robotics

Carnegie Mellon University held a celebratory event in honor of 25 years of field robotics. This is a summary of the 9 lectures available online via webcasts.

Taipei International Robot Show 2009

TIROS brings together 91 companies and institutes to show off the latest products and research.

Kwangwoon University’s Ro-bits bust a groove

Students at Kwangwoon University have developed their own bipedal humanoid robots and put together an amusing music video of them dancing.


CSIC in Spain developed this quadruped to test walking gait optimization.