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Archive for September, 2009

ROBIT Storage System holds stuff so you don’t have to

ROBO BASE is selling a fine piece of furniture that doubles as a robot.

• Monsieur

In 1993 watch maker Seiko Epson unveiled what was at that time considered the World’s Smallest Robot, a mouse-like, light-sensitive robot called Monsieur.

FINE: First INtelligent Extinguisher

A French designer has come up with a fire-extinguishing robot that can protect your home even when no one is around.

LIFE focuses its lens on Robots

LIFE has 2 photo sets showcasing robots from Japan, and throughout the last century.

Figure Review: Chroino & VisiON

A review of Vstone’s figures based on ROBO-GARAGE’s Chroino and Team Osaka’s VisiON humanoid robots.

• VisiON

In 2004, Team Osaka made their first entry into RoboCup Soccer with VisiON, which won them the Humanoid League cup that year.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water

South Korean motor driver supplier has created a robotic hammerhead shark to show off its latest technology.