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Archive for September, 2009


REZ is 1 part music visualizer, 2 parts rhythm game, and 3 parts railshooter, culminating in one of the most unique and entrancing games ever to grace a home console.

Impromptu Art Critic, round 2

In this, the 2nd of 2 parts, we look at children’s drawings of ASIMO.

Squid Robot Show

A robotic squid does a happy dance, caught on video.

• HRP-2m Next

AIST and General Robotix are selling the endoskeleton of their rehabilitation robot Taizo as HRP-2m Next, an upgrade to their small educational humanoid robot, HRP-2m Choromet.

• Taizo

AIST and JST have developed a rehabilitation robot named Taizo to help promote exercise and fitness to the elderly.

• Autom™

Autom is a robotic weight-loss coach that interacts with a person on a daily basis to help them reach their weight-loss goals.

• Maidroid

Maidroid Lab has been working on a life-sized humanoid robot for 2 years, and is finally ready to show off the complete robot.

Takeshi Maeda is building a monster

Takeshi Maeda posted some photos on his site of what appears to be a very large humanoid robot (work in progress).