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Archive for September, 2009

Say Farewell to Giant Gundam

Unfortunately, the 1:1 Gundam Statue on Odaiba island, which was never going to be its permanent location, is being dismantled.

• AU iida Polaris

Flower Robotics has developed a robot that puts the “mobile” in mobile phone.

Vstone Beauto Chaser Robot Grand Prix

Vstone’s Beauto Chaser Robot Grand Prix took place last week, and a couple of Robovie-nanos showed up as well.

Thingamaplush’s Big Day Out

A video of a hand-made synthesizer robot… thing… thingamaplush!

• Amiet

KAIST’s AIM lab enhanced their previous humanoid robot Ami with this more feminine robot capable of more expressive behaviors.

Roomba controlled by strokes made with laser pointer

JST ERATO is currently exploring human-robot interfaces through its User-Interface Design Project. This is one of those projects.

MHI withdraws from manufacturing sector: Wakamaru safe (for now)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has decided to shut down its manufacturing robots business, but their Wakamaru robot business is expected to continue.

• Hallucigenia I

Leading Edge Design & Japanese technology company fuRo (Future Robotics) developed a working miniature prototype vehicle called the Hallucigenia I: an elongated, sleek vehicle with 8 wheels attached at the end of robotic appendages.