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Archive for October, 2009

• Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 took the series in exciting new directions which have had a profound impact on the action shooter genre ever since. This reinvention of gaming’s classic theme of “save the princess” can’t be missed!

Trick or Treat?

Kids will send their robots to collect candy for them in the future Halloweens.


MIT’s Personal Robotics Group and Senseable City Lab are working with Audi to develop a robotic agent that sits in your car, and helps you determine optimal routes to get where you’re going.


ENON, Fujitsu’s 2nd generation Service Type Robot, uses its front and back for unique purposes and is connected and controlled on a wireless network.

Do You Have A Honda?

Three Honda commercials that will bring a smile to just about any robot lover’s face.

• Vstone810

Vstone is the driving force behind Team Osaka’s Teen Size League robots. The Vstone810 earned Team Osaka the extra points it needed to win the Humanoid League Cup.

The BBC takes a look at Japanese robots

A BBC video about robots in Japan begs the question: why the difference in perception of robots abroad?

Nemo Gould’s “Nowhere Fast” kinetic sculpture

A short video showcasing an amazing mechanical work of art.