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Archive for October, 2009

• FlatThru

Sanyo’s FlatThru is a table robot that can serve drinks and snacks, all while balancing on only 2 wheels.

MIT’s Cheetah-inspired Biomimetic Robot Hellion

One of the creators of the gecko-inspired StickyBot is developing a running robot based on the cheetah.

Panasonic’s Future Outlook on Robotics & Health Care

Panasonic held a seminar where they revealed the plans for their robotics division over the next 6 years.

• Delivery Robot

Panasonic’s Delivery Robot was tested in a hotel, but will likely find a permanent home in hospitals in the future.

• PorterBot

Panasonic’s PorterBot is designed to carry up to 20kg (44lbs), and will autonomously follow you while avoiding obstacles.

• Robot Carnival

Robot Carnival is a collection of animated short films which share the central theme of “robots”. Many famous Japanese directors including Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Steam Boy) worked on it.

• Chapit

Chapit is a household robot that uses speech recognition to control your television and other appliances.


Besttechnology Co. Ltd. has a new humanoid robot kit for sale which uses Robotis Dynamixel servos but can be programmed in C.