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Archive for October, 2009

• T-Rot

CIR and KIST teamed up to create this service robot that can serve drinks at a juice bar.

Robot Force’s BIGU GRANDE crosses the street

Robot Force’s mech walks around to the amazement of passing cyclists.

KUKA Robotics’ RoboSim 4-D Simulator

Disney World will soon be offering you the chance to get man-handled by a gigantic robotic arm – for fun!

Daft Punk Costume (well ahead of Halloween)

A pretty cool costume based on Thomas Bangalter’s outfit from Daft Punk.

• KHR-3 (HUBO)

KAIST’s KHR-3 was given the name “HUBO” for Humanoid Robot. It made several appearances on television both in South Korea and abroad.

Proof That You Can’t Keep A Good Robot Down

Some lucky students got to go to a QRIO Summer School where lecturers from around the world gathered to study evolutionary linguistics in early September 2009.

CEATEC Japan 2009: Robot Round-Up

Nissan, Murata Manufacturing, and AIST gave demonstrations starring their latest advances in robotics technology at CEATEC Japan 2009 (October 6th-10th).

• iRobi

Yujin Robot’s iRobi is a household education robot developed in 2004.