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Archive for November, 2009

• Astro Boy

Astro Boy isn’t as good as it could have been had the film’s script and designers been more faithful to its source material, but is good enough for those unfamiliar with the boy robot’s story.

HUBO 2: The World’s 3rd Running Humanoid Robot

KAIST’s HUBO 2 has become the world’s third full-size humanoid robot capable of running.

And the Robot Survey says…

A general robot survey in Japan shows people are less knowledgeable about robots than most people might think.

• Murasaki

This robot serves as a guide to Murasaki Shikibu’s “Tale of Genji” (considered the world’s first novel) at a shrine dedicated to the author’s memory, in Japan.

IREX 2009 continued

Care-O-bot 3 serves drinks to thirsty showgoers while a cardboard mannequin tries to catch your attention with various poses.

Happy Console Gamer: The best video game show on Youtube

The Happy Console Gamer is a Youtube show of the highest standards.

• Beyond Oasis

Beyond Oasis is available for the Wii’s Virtual Console. Originally released on the SEGA Genesis, this action-RPG / beat-em-up hybrid is a short (but sweet) 16-bit quest.

Top Ten Robots in Video Games (part 3)

This week we wrap up our look at the Top Ten Robots in Video Games.