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Archive for November, 2009

Toko Toko Tachikoma

A cute new toy based on Ghost in the Shell’s adorable spider tank is out and its cheap enough to make a great stocking stuffer!

• Albert HUBO

Albert HUBO was created in the likeness of Albert Einstein, by both KAIST (the robotic body) and Hanson Robotics (the animatronic head).

• Neo Tokyo

Neo Tokyo is a collection of three animated shorts by famous directors, and offers an interesting insight into their early work.

Videos: Yobotics’ Biped & ASIMO running in HD

Three videos: Yobotics’ biped informational video, K. Moriyama captures ASIMO running in HD, and ROBO-GARAGE joined Youtube. Head on over and subscribe!

• Doki

Intelligent Earth’s Doki is a Scottish robot that holds the record for the world’s most gender aware robot.

• Toyota Delivery Robot

Toyota’s Service Dog Robot, developed between 2005 and 2007, was designed to fetch things for people with limited mobility.