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Archive for November, 2009


Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University is developing a robot that monitors a patient’s physiological signals and can immediately notify nursing staff and family should the patient have an accident.

Toyota Partner Robot’s illegitimate Chinese lovechild?

A restaurant service robot of unknown name and origins was demonstrated at the 2009 Chinese International Industry Fair.

• Robot X

Secom’s Robot X is a mobile security robot that can be left to autonomously patrol a set route or controlled from a remote location.

2009 World Robot Olympiad takes place this weekend

The 6th World Robot Olympiad takes place this weekend, hosted by Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology. Students in Elementary, Junior High, and High School compete using Lego Mindstorms kits in a variety of events.

• Posy

Posy is a flower-girl robot, designed by Tatsuya Matsui to connect humans & robotics in a more personal, meaningful way.