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Archive for November, 2009

Happy Console Gamer: The best video game show on Youtube

The Happy Console Gamer is a Youtube show of the highest standards.

• Beyond Oasis

Beyond Oasis is available for the Wii’s Virtual Console. Originally released on the SEGA Genesis, this action-RPG / beat-em-up hybrid is a short (but sweet) 16-bit quest.

Top Ten Robots in Video Games (part 3)

This week we wrap up our look at the Top Ten Robots in Video Games.

AIST & Nissan’s Unit-Type Mico-Mobility Device

Video footage from AIST / Nissan’s personal mobility device.

CMC Technology’s “Robockle” Rubbish Bin Robot

CMC Technology is using a simple robot called Robockle to demonstrate it’s new sensor technology.