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Archive for November, 2009

AIST & Nissan’s Unit-Type Mico-Mobility Device

Video footage from AIST / Nissan’s personal mobility device.

CMC Technology’s “Robockle” Rubbish Bin Robot

CMC Technology is using a simple robot called Robockle to demonstrate it’s new sensor technology.

Hitachi’s Lapi & Security Sensor Technology

Hitachi’s transportation robot appeared at IREX 2009, along with a unique security sensor that senses vibrations passing through fiber optic cables.

Fujitsu’s Remodeled ENON at IREX 2009

Fujitsu pumped up the battery capacity of their service robot ENON, and removed its arms for a slimmer more practical design.

• PaPeRo-mini

NEC displayed their voice-activated telepresence robot PaPeRo-mini at IREX 2009.

Videos from IREX 2009

Videos from IREX 2009.

NEXTAGE helps open IREX 2009

IREX 2009 opened with the help of Kawada Industries’ latest robot, NEXTAGE.

• Docent

A guide robot is being deployed at Seoul’s Museum of Natural History in January of 2010.