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Archive for November, 2009

ZMP Positioning Miuro as a Service Robot

The robotic music player is now being positioned as a service robot to keep an eye on the elderly for security purposes.

• Morph 3

Morph 3 is a small humanoid developed to safely test motion control technology.

GoTalk Vstone Lite: Speech Recognition & Synthesis

GoTalk Vstone Lite is a new interactive speech interface for hobby robot kits developed by Vstone in partnership with Agilingua.

13th Itabashi Industry Fair Robot Contest

The 13th Itabashi Industry Fair Robot Contest introduced stiff new rules concerning the robots’ walking style.

New Robot Hand by Toyota Instantly Senses Object’s Properties

Toyota developed a robotic hand that senses an object’s weight, stiffness, and flexibility to automatically determine the necessary grasping force.

• Enryu T-52

TMSUK’s Enryu T-52, the descendant of the T-5, is a rescue robot designed to lift and move debris after a major disaster, such as earthquakes.

• Coraline

Coraline is a stunning stop-motion film with all the character of a hand-crafted masterpiece.

Robots Podcast interviews Simon’s Mom

Robots Podcast talks Robot Learning with Dr. Andrea Thomaz and Dr. Sethu Vijayakumar.