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Archive for November, 2009

The Magic Obelisk (WiiWare)

The Magic Obelisk is a new WiiWare title from Game Arts where you have to move within shadows.

Top Ten Robots in Video Games (part 1)

We begin our countdown with the 10 runner-ups in this list of memorable robots in video games.

HUBO is Shiny and Oh So Sexy

A video showcasing KAIST’s latest humanoid robot walking, running, performing taichi, waving a sword, and grasping a bottle.

Control Your Robot with iPhone Finger Gestures using “Walky”

As part of JST/ERATO, Igarashi Design UI Project, members of Keio University have developed a novel control scheme for bipedal robots and virtual characters called “Walky”.

• I-Sobot

Takara Tomy’s I-Sobot was once the World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot in production.

• Fujitsu Office Delivery Robot

Fujitsu, YNU, and UEC have developed an Office Delivery Robot capable of transporting up to 20kg (44 lbs) of cargo around the office, while simultaneously serving as a communication tool.

NEC announces PaPeRo rental service

NEC is opening the lid on their communication robot PaPeRo with a new 3-year lease program open to corporations and researchers.


Tomotaka Takahashi’s Pen Pal is a little robot penguin.