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Archive for November, 2009

TPR-Robina spotted pimping Toyota’s latest rides

Toyota’s Partner Robot Robina was caught giving an impromptu tour of some of Toyota’s cars.

You Have To Put Your Whole Body Into It

AIST has given their HRP-2 Promet humanoid robot the ability to deal with heavy swinging doors.

IR EXPO 2009 & KAIST’s Health Care Robot

A couple videos showing robots at the IR EXPO and National Rehab.


Hitachi is probably best known for their televisions and home theater equipment, but they’ve also got an interest in robotics. The EMIEW was Hitachi’s first prototype office workmate.

• AR-600

Android Robotics Corp., a Russian robotics company, has developed a robot that could pass for ASIMO’s less agile sibling.

Mind-blowing videos of Micro Mouse Maze Solving

Robolabo’s XT-1 Micro Mouse robot solves complex mazes in mere seconds. Must be seen to be believed!

• Mini (ROPI)

Mini is a guide robot that sits in the lobby of a building, capable of giving greetings or directions to people passing by.

• Memories

Memories is a collection of three animated shorts based on stories by acclaimed anime director Katsuhiro Otomo.