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Archive for December, 2009

• Avatar

Avatar is a breathtaking adventure that left me picking up my jaw from the floor multiple times. You should go see it.

• Silf H2

Katsuhisa Ito’s 2nd bipedal humanoid was much more refined, featuring custom-machined parts and a modified cellphone camera for a head.

iRobiQ Tutoring Tots

Yujin Robot’s cute educational robot is taking up residence in primary school classrooms across South Korea.

• Silf H1

Katsuhisa Ito’s first bipedal humanoid robot was built from scratch to compete at the 20th All-Japan micro-mouse tournament. It won there, and later at RoboCup Japan as well.

SBS to produce Household Robot Drama in 2011

A robot-themed television series is being planned by SBS, to air in 2011.

• Dog-Wan

Daisen and Robot Force teamed up to make this robot dog.

Guangzhou’s Cross-Century Robot Fair

A robot exhibition in China features some amusing animatronic robots built by Kokoro Co. Ltd..

Gourmet Robots Make Cooking More Complicated, Fun

The Design UI project has birthed a fun new experiment where a trio of robots help to cook some miso soup.