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Archive for December, 2009

• Post Guide Robot

Robotech’s Post Guide Robot 3 served as helpers at airports, rail stations, and post offices from at least 2006-2007.

Own Your Very Own Actroid in 2010

Kokoro will be selling a couple of Actroids (female androids) through Sogo and Seibu in early 2010, if there are any buyers.

Avatar only a few days away!

James Cameron’s triumphant return to film making, Avatar, hits theaters this Friday, and I’ll be there at midnight.

• Eco-be!

Citizen’s Eco-be! was originally nothing more than a simple toy developed in an engineer’s free time, but it eventually earned its own league at RoboCup.

• Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus delivers an epic adventure of star-crossed lovers, divided by a cruel fate which can only be undone by an act of heroism rivaling those seen in the Greek myths.

Mega Man 10 announced for WiiWare

Capcom has announced another installment in their diehard action-platformer Mega Man series.

Up Close & Personal with RIBA

A visit to RIKEN’s lab for a firsthand experience with their robotic nurse RIBA.

Aldebaran Robotics Attempts to Woo Japanese Roboticists

Aldebaran Robotics gave a presentation at Osaka University of their humanoid robot NAO.