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Archive for December, 2009

Ubiquitous Networked Robots by 2012?

ATR is developing a smart network that combines cameras, sensors, and robots to create an assisted living platform. The system could be used in shopping malls and other areas.

• Robo Pichon-kun

Daikin’s mascot got a mechanical upgrade with Robo Pichon-kun, the mecha fighter that helps keep your air pure and clean.

Willow Garage’s PR2 Follows You Like A Loyal Robot Should

An overview of software that seeks to empower Willow Garage’s PR2 with people-following skills.

• FT (Female Type)

The FT’s sleek & sexy female form required especially small and thin parts. Designer Tomotaka Takahashi also met with fashion models to study how they walk and pose, resulting in a beautiful and graceful robot unlike any other.

• Heart Robot

The Bristol Robotics Group created Heart, a puppet mixed with simple robotics, to examine human-robot interaction up close and personally.

• J4

JVC’s cherry red prototype humanoid robot, first shown at CEATEC Japan 2004, was designed to be an intelligent, interactive universal remote for your home appliances.

Remember Evolta’s World Record?

Panasonic has updated their YouTube channel with several videos chronicling the events surrounding their world record setting achievement with their Evolta robot.

Dancing Doll-RZ Puts Classic Automatons to Shame

A hobbyist has combined their love of dolls and robots to produce a modern day automaton that can walk and dance.