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Archive for December, 2009


Plen, the Desktop Hobby Robot, was manufactured by defunct Osaka-based manufacturer Systec Akazawa. Priced at $2600, it was one of the smallest and most expensive robot kits on the market, but was popular for it’s ability to roller skate.

• Buddy & FR-i

KIST developed an expressive face robot called Buddy, which we look at in this video.

• HRP-3P

AIST’s follow-up to their HRP-2 Promet humanoid robot was the HRP-3P, which was water and dust proof for working in harsh environments.

The Sharper Image Coin-Counting Robot Bank

The Sharper Image has a new talking robot bank, but it somehow doesn’t compare to the ’80s version released by Tomy.

• Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

The third and final installment of Castlevania on the GameBoy Advance will suck you dry and leave you asking for more.

Best of Wii & DS ’09

A quick breakdown of the best games released for the Wii and DS in 2009.

KITECH & POSTECH Developing Korean Quadrupeds

Two quadruped robots are being developed at KITECH and POSTECH for the South Korean military.

• ApriPoco

ApriPoco is the latest generation in interface robots from Toshiba, replacing their ApriAlpha line. Users train the robot with a combination of conventional remote-usage as well as their voice.