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Archive for December, 2009

KIST Technology Exhibit 2009

KIST held an open house technology exhibit. Also, a video of Mahru III copying a human’s motions.

• iMaro ISR “Daheen”

This Information Service Robot is already in use at Seoul’s International Airport, approaching travelers autonomously to help them reach their destination, wherever that may be…

Willow Garage’s Presentation at IREX 2009 Robolink Forum

A breakdown of Willow Garage’s special presentation, “A Platform for Personal Robotics” from IREX 2009.


PIRO, a division of POSTECH in South Korea, developed a building guide robot.


This playful entertainment robot can play music streamed wirelessly from your PC and send photos it takes through its own eyes to your cellphone.

“Plawres Sanshiro” Now A Reality, Three Decades Later

Fans of Minoru Kamiya’s anime series Plawres Sanshiro will get a chance to own a hobby robot kit based on one his designs thanks to Poseidon’s “Mad Hurricane” kit.

• iRobiQ

Yujin Robot’s iRobiQ is a more advanced version of their household edutainment robot, iRobi.