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Archive for January, 2010

Awesome gaming news!

New game announcements, and a new trailer has been released for Hudson Soft’s great-looking puzzle-platformer, Tower of Shadow / Lost in Shadow.

• Klonoa

Klonoa gets a well-deserved remake that updates the graphics but retains all the old-school platforming gameplay of the original.

A Brief Q & A with Timothy Payne, ARS Lab

A short interview with Timothy Payne, the Executive Director of a new U.S. robotics company developing bipedal robot technology.


ARS Lab, a U.S.-based robotics company, has built a medium-sized humanoid bipedal robot with a unique look.

D+ropop Ready to Strike a Pose

Eager Co. Ltd. is ready to begin selling and renting their cardboard-based mannequin robot to clothing stores.


A new hobby humanoid robot kit from South Korean company Robotro will be going on sale soon.

• Candy-05

Demonstrated at the Aichi Expo in 2005, Candy-05 is a golfing robot designed for park areas.

PLEN Gets Android, iPhone App Controls

Control the super cute (and super expensive) desktop hobby robot PLEN using apps for your iPhone or Android.