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Archive for January, 2010

Dan Barry on the Future of Robotics

Dan Barry discusses what to expect in the next few years of robot research and speculates on some of the bigger issues related to the field.

• UT-mu “Mighty”

Nakamure & Yamane Lab, part of Tokyo University, developed this fearsome humanoid robot to test human-like motions in robotics.

ENON flirts with shoppers

Fujitsu’s ENON was spotted at a mall giving its marketing pitch to bystanders.

Kokoro’s I-FAIRY magically appeared at CES 2010

Kokoro unveiled a new guide robot at CES 2010 that could be used in museums to inform visitors about exhibits.

• Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was the last of the untranslated Final Fantasy titles to reach the rest of the world. It was finally released as a remake for the Nintendo DS.