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Archive for January, 2010


A large bipedal humanoid robot named ASLAN is being developed at the National University of Singapore, and it can already walk up stairs.

• Odin Sphere

Putting to shame nearly every 2d game ever made, Vanillaware’s drop-dead gorgeous action-RPG weaves an intertwining Norse saga starring 5 different characters.

Honda’s “Living With Robots” Documentary Goes Live!

Honda’s documentary short film “Living With Robots” starring ASIMO is now live.

JVC’s J4 Caught On Video

A rare public demonstration of JVC’s awesome little red robot, J4.

Sex Robots: Harmless Indiscretion or Catastrophic Clustercuss?

A tongue-in-cheek (no pun intended) look at the future of another kind of plastic pal: the sex robot.

Chinese Robots Appear At Hong Kong IT Festival

Arnold Wu has built a very small humanoid robot using unconventional materials! His friend Blood Keith, another hobbyist, has built a larger robot with 5-fingered hands.

• Murata Girl

Murata Girl is the unicycle-riding robotic cousin of Murata Boy, the famous bicycle-riding robot.

Dr. Javier Movellan Jumps to the Defense of Diego-San

Dr. Movellan responded to the critics of UCSD Machine Perception Lab’s baby robot, Diego-San.