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Archive for January, 2010

A closer look at ZMP’s RoboCar

Designer Kota Nezu talks about his work on ZMP’s RoboCar, an educational platform for studying autonomous vehicles.

Name the Robot Mascot for LG’s Air Conditioner

The Whisen line of air conditioners has a cute new humanoid robot mascot, and it needs a name!

• Mujiro / Ligurio

Mujiro and it’s twin Ligurio are two security droids developed by TMSUK Co. Ltd.. These unusual-looking robots were first deployed at the Aichi Expo in 2005.

Robotic Mountaineer Inches its Way to Victory

Marko Wickrath is programming the Bioloid robot kit to autonomously scale walls.

• Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson’s animated escapade retains his quirky style and manages to entertain across the age spectrum.

Willow Garage Offers 10 PR2 robots for FREE*

Willow Garage has announced they plan to give away 10 of their PR2 Beta robots to research institutions that prove themselves worthy.

“Let me get that for you, sir.”

Two of KIST’s humanoid robots delivered food to their master, and in another demonstration copied the full-body movements of a man in a special motion-capture suit.

Hinamitetu’s Robot Evolves…

Hinamitetu’s ongoing quest to build the perfect horizontal bar gymnast robot continues, with surprising results!