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Archive for January, 2010

Kokoro’s I-FAIRY magically appeared at CES 2010

Kokoro unveiled a new guide robot at CES 2010 that could be used in museums to inform visitors about exhibits.

• Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was the last of the untranslated Final Fantasy titles to reach the rest of the world. It was finally released as a remake for the Nintendo DS.

Evolta Gets New Paint Job

Evolta gets a new color scheme for Panasonic’s new rechargeable batteries.

Nissan Cube Concept Car gets the Pixar Treatment

Nissan’s Cube gets a smiley face thanks to a soft urethane skin and animatronics. It’s like Pixar’s Cars only in real life!

Concept Robots

A website that serves up awesome conceptual designs of robots by artists from around the world.

So um, toys are getting pretty realistic…

Check out the authentic likeness on this 12″ Terminator toy. It could almost pass for the real thing!

It won’t be long now…

A few more details concerning Fuji Soft Inc.’s new educational humanoid robot platform, and when we can expect to learn the official price and release date.

• Hex Bugs

Bandai’s Hex Bug line of desktop toys are simple miniature robots that can react thanks to their sound, light, and touch sensors.