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Archive for January, 2010

The Third & The Seventh

An exceptionally beautiful computer graphics piece, set to the haunting theme from Gattaca.

ENON Delivers Targeted Marketing in Restaurants

Fujitsu’s office robot may find a new line of work by advertising in restaurant lobbies. It detects your gender and approximate age to deliver appropriate ads.

Home-made Horizontal Bar Gymnastic Robot

A hobbyist has built an acrobatic robot that can swing on the horizontal bar, though it’s not ready to compete professionally for the time being…

• Super Mechano Boy

Super Mechano Boy is one of the robots being developed at TITECH’s Yamakita Lab. This robot is an acrobatic performer type.

Jaemi HUBO tests out new leg

Drexel University’s Jaemi HUBO (the American sibling to KAIST’s HUBO 2) got a new leg, which is demonstrated in this video.

EMIEW 2 Figure / Alarm Clock

A limited edition toy based on Hitachi’s office workmate, EMIEW 2. It was given to customers when buying certain Hitachi appliances for a limited time.


Hitachi’s EMIEW 2 has a unique mobility system that combines legs and wheels.

• ATOM-7xp

An impressive full-size humanoid robot, hand-made by one man!