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Archive for February, 2010

• Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

Being the remake of an 8-bit Japanese RPG, Dragon Quest IV is a fun jaunt down memory lane for retro gamers while updating the design to more modern standards for newcomers.


ROBISUKE, developed circa 2003, is (Waseda University) Kobayashi Lab’s 2nd conversational robot. It has a greater focus on conversational rhythm and paralinguistics (i.e. head gesture and facial expression recognition).

Genibo headed to France, Atari online game in tow

Dasa Robot’s robot pooch Genibo is making its way to France, and is rumored to be connected with an Atari online game in some shape or form.

Bandai “Super Alloy” Drossel Announced

A new die-cast figure based on Disney’s iconic robot girl Drossel will soon go on sale.


ROBITA was developed at Waseda University’s Kobayashi Lab to participate in conversations involving more than one human at a time.

Micro Robot Electric Vehicle RoboCar G

ZMP’s latest educational product is the RoboCar G, a single passenger micro electric vehicle developed with Subaru and Sanyo.


Tomotaka Takahashi took some time out of his schedule to give a presentation of his robots at ROBOBASE, a robot store based in Nagoya, Japan.

Photos from ROBO-ONE’s Humanoid Helper Competition

A nice selection of photographs from ROBO-ONE’s Humanoid Helper Competition courtesy of Robots-Dreams, and Wonder Festival 2010 courtesy of Hobby Blog.