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Archive for February, 2010

• Robonaut2 (R2)

NASA and GM have unveiled the new version of their robotic astronaut, Robonaut2.

DARPA’s New Multi-Million Dollar “Terminator” Program

DARPA is beginning a new R&D project that seeks to build a robot capable of complex, autonomous grasping tasks including operating weaponry.

Prof. Noel Sharkey on Robots & A.I.

Prof. Noel Sharkey shares some thoughts on robotics and A.I. in this video interview.

“WIND” Makes Controlling Robots A Breeze

A vest wired with small CPUs registers body movements and transmits them to a robot as a novel form of robot control.

RobotBaka’s Accel Pushes The Pedal To The Metal

RobotBaka’s cool little humanoid Accel is showing off some swift maneuvers in these test videos.