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Archive for February, 2010

Kondo’s KHR-3HV Gets Linux Backpack

Kondo’s KHR-3HV gets a serious upgrade allowing for more autonomy and Tsukumo Robot Kingdom has a fantastic deal on the RB2000 robot kit.

• iSHA

Developed between 1999-2001, iSHA is the first in a series of robots from Waseda University designed to communicate naturally with people.

F*** YEAH! Macross Pachinko Commercials

We may never get the gob-smacking live action Macross movie we’ve all dreamed of, but at least we can dream thanks to these tv spots for Macross Pachinko. Catch the fever!

• A Scanner Darkly

From the moment I saw the trailer for A Scanner Darkly, in all its rotoscoped glory, I knew it was going be a trip. Every minute of screen time required 500 hours of work.  A lot can be said about the visual impact of this film, but to me what stands out is how accurately […]

• Tichno R

Team Osaka’s Tichno R is the sibling of Vstone’s Tichno, a 4 ft tall humanoid robot designed for RoboCup’s Teen Size League.

South Korea: Robot Teachers Rolling Out in 2012

KIST says their R-Learning program (robotic teaching assistants) will be introduced to 500 preschools in 2011.

ROBO-ONE’s 2nd Humanoid Helper Project

ROBO-ONE’s 2nd Annual “Humanoid Helper Project” robot competition got underway today, with 7 large bipedal robots engaged in challenging domestic duties.

• Final Fantasy IV: R

The Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy 4 is how remakes ought to be done.