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Archive for February, 2010

NEC Teases Us With PaPeRo Collectibles

Unfortunately they aren’t for sale.

Guangxi Science & Technology Museum’s Robot Band

Some photos of an animatronic robot band… no word on how they sound.

Fraunhofer Institute’s Care-O-bot Going Open Source

Researchers will soon have free web access to real robots from the Fraunhofer Institute with which they can test and share their work.

Mani Zamani’s 3D Printed Articulated Robot Sculptures

Mani Zamani’s robot designs not only look cool – they’re made from a variety of materials in a 3D printing process.

Mazinger Z creator Go Nagai Keynote Speaker at IRCC 2010

The creator of Mazinger Z will give the keynote address at the International Robot Convergence Conference.

• Tissue-dispensing Robot

A cute robot built specifically to hand out tissues to people (a common form of advertising in Japan).

LG’s Robot Mascot Gets Its Name, Gold at Winter Olympics!

LG Electronics’ robot mascot has been given its name, and stars in a new commercial where it does the ski jump at the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Toilet Robot Saves Water, Earth In The Process

A water-saving toilet gets a robot action figure as part of its marketing campaign. It’s business as usual in Japan! :D