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Archive for February, 2010


Tongmyong University in South Korea is developing a humanoid service robot called TUBO.

The Pitter Patter of Multi-legged Hobby Robots

Multi-legged robots, the latest craze to hit Japanese hobbyists, do battle in this short video.

• Mamoru

Tokyo University’s IRT Research Institute has developed this robot to help people with bad memory.

• No More Heroes

No More Heroes is an action-packed, adult-oriented game with an addictive battle system that remains unmatched on the Wii.

Book Review: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works

Two great artbooks featuring designs from Capcom’s signature series.

• StickyBot

Stanford University’s StickyBot is a climbing robot inspired by the gecko’s ability to climb on virtually any surface using tiny hairs on its toes.

• Assistant Robot

Tokyo University’s IRT research lab is developing an Assistant Robot (formerly called the Home Assistant Robot) that can help clean up around homes and hospitals by manipulating existing technology.

1 Robot Land in South Korea = Half a Billion Dollars

Funding for the half-a-billion dollar Masan Robot Land is currently being planned between the government and private investors.