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Archive for February, 2010

• Breath of Fire III

Capcom’s Breath of Fire III is an ok RPG, but it could have been better.

Willow Garage’s Mailbox Flooded for PR2 Beta Program

Willow Garage’s PR2 Beta Program has received more than 100 letters of intent from robotics teams around the world.

Hardworking Hobbyist’s Robotic Hands

Chinese hobbyist BloodKeith has crafted a pair of miniature 5-fingered robotic hands for his next humanoid robot.

Robonaut2 doesn’t use Shadow Robot’s technology

Despite working with Shadow Robot on the original Robonaut, it has been confirmed that Robonaut2 does not make use of their technology.

• Vstone Tichno

The Vstone Tichno is a robot designed to attract attention for businesses.

• Robonaut2 (R2)

NASA and GM have unveiled the new version of their robotic astronaut, Robonaut2.

DARPA’s New Multi-Million Dollar “Terminator” Program

DARPA is beginning a new R&D project that seeks to build a robot capable of complex, autonomous grasping tasks including operating weaponry.

Prof. Noel Sharkey on Robots & A.I.

Prof. Noel Sharkey shares some thoughts on robotics and A.I. in this video interview.