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Archive for February, 2010

“WIND” Makes Controlling Robots A Breeze

A vest wired with small CPUs registers body movements and transmits them to a robot as a novel form of robot control.

RobotBaka’s Accel Pushes The Pedal To The Metal

RobotBaka’s cool little humanoid Accel is showing off some swift maneuvers in these test videos.


SEGA Toys, Hasbro, and Tiger Electronics have all been involved in some shape or form with AMP, a robotic music player. It’s unclear if it made it to market.

Robots at Tsukuba Expo 1985

Rare footage of the robotics exhibits from the Tsukuba World Expo 1985, including an interview with the father of bipedal robots, the late Prof. Ichiro Kato.

• Shinpo

Shinpo was developed by TMSUK and Waseda University to walk without the typical bent-knees approach seen in most bipedal robots. It is on permanent display at Niigata Hall of Natural Science.

ATOM-7xp caught on camera, sort of

The first video of Futurebot’s full-sized humanoid robot ATOM7xp, built by Dan Mathias, shows it moving its left arm.

Kids say Robot Teachers are “easy” & “fun”

Kids seem to like their robotic substitutes in South Korea, where a trial is being conducted to test the efficacy of the replacement English teachers.

Say hello to PALRO

Fuji Soft Inc. issued a press release which gives a name and price for their new humanoid robot platform, which will initially target educational institutes and later, hobbyists.