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Archive for March, 2010

The PR2 Learns to Fold Your Laundry

The PR2 is being taught to fold laundry, like a good personal robot should.

Dr. Jun Ho Oh Dishes on HUBO 2

IEEE Spectrum interviewed KAIST’s Dr. Jun Ho Oh, and shot some video of the lab’s humanoid robot.

Impressive Desktop Ballbot

A cool self-balancing robot that uses 2 gyro sensors to ride atop a single ball.

Behind-The-Scenes Video of HUBO 2

Dan Lofaro, PhD candidate at Drexel University, uploaded some behind-the-scenes videos of HUBO 2 from his visit to KAIST back in 2008.

TINYWAVE Bipedal Hobby Robot Now Available

Tomio Sugiura’s original bipedal hobby robot, TINYWAVE, is now up for sale. Mr. Sugiura designed the robot with Jeon Chang-Hoon of South Korea.

5 Axis CNC Robot Does Amazing Work

A 5 axis CNC robot sculpts a 3.6kg helmet out of a 120kg aluminum cube.

GAIKING / Shogun Warriors Movie Teaser Hits Web

Shogun Warriors (aka GAIKING) is getting a live-action Hollywood makeover, and this is the teaser.

• Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box

Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box provides at least 20 hours of puzzle-solving fun, on top presenting the player with an engaging whodunnit.