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Archive for March, 2010

Up Close and Personal with Kojiro

A video showcasing Kojiro, a humanoid robot with redundant actuators that simulates the human bone and muscle system.

Rihanna Gets Down & Dirty with a Pair of Robots

A video of Rihanna singing “Rude Boy” at the 2010 ECHO Awards with a pair of Titan robots.

• M3-neony & M3-synchy

JST ERATO and Osaka University unveiled two new robots: a baby robot called M3-neony; and a communication robot called M3-synchy.

Humans & Robots… Dreams of Communication

A cute photo of kids interacting with KIST’s Mahru-Z humanoid robot.

• RoboThespian RT3

A robot built specifically to perform as an interactive exhibit, RoboThespian has entertained crowds around the world.