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Archive for March, 2010

Kobayashi Lab’s SCHEMA, TRON-style

Waseda University’s Kobayashi Lab has updated their website with a new trailer showing off their awesome new conversational robot, SCHEMA.

SIGVerse, World’s First HRI Simulator

The National Institute of Informatics has developed a robot simulator specifically for testing human-robot interaction.


Tsukuba University’s Uchiyama Lab created an odd luminous baby simulator called YOTARO.

ASIMO visits Canada!

Honda is airing a commercial specifically aimed at Canadians featuring their humanoid robot, ASIMO.

Cam Baby robot toys bring home the Baby Bot fun

First there was robots, then robot babies. Now there’s robot baby toys.

New details emerge about Honda’s P4

New details emerge about Honda’s previously undocumented prototype P4.

Takeshi Maeda completes latest robot!

New photos emerge of Takeshi Maeda’s latest monster robot!

• Robovie R-2

ATR’s Robovie is a research platform designed for studying human-robot interactions. It has been used as a museum guide robot to test how humans would respond to it.