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Archive for March, 2010

1:1 Gundam Gets Light Saber Upgrade

The Gundam statue returns, and this time he won’t forget to bring his sword.

Tsutenkaku Robo Appears at Nippombashi Street Festival

The Tsutenkaku Robo makes its debut to thunderous applause.

• robovie-mR2

ATR’s Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab has developed a smaller, cuter version of their Robovie communication robot called the robovie-mR2.

• Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

A solid puzzle-platformer awaits for those willing to give Klonoa a chance on Nintendo’s GameBoy Advance.

Bots High Documentary Needs Your Help

Bots High is a documentary in the making, but film director Joey Daoud needs a bit of help if his film is going to be completed.

CT Scans & X-rays of SONY’s AIBO

Photos: The Mechatronics Lab at Mie University did some CT scans and X-rays of SONY AIBO robots back in 2001.


Panasonic’s autonomous hospital delivery robot is being sold to South Korea hospitals with the first being deployed in May 2010.

Bennett Robot Works’ Found Object Robot Sculptures

Gordon Bennett’s robot sculptures are full of character and the whimsy one would expect of ’50s robots.