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Archive for March, 2010

• Cody

Georgia Tech’s Healthcare Robotics Lab is developing a mobile robot with a humanoid upper body that can open doors, drawers, and cabinets with ease.

CIROMI, The World’s First Movie Theater Robot

ED Corporation’s ARO service robot gets a movie make-over.

• RoboPal

Given its name, I probably should have found this one sooner. RoboPal was designed by ATR’s Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab to study how robots transition from one role to another, such as from a leader to a follower.

Up Close and Personal with Hai Bao

Hai Bao is the official mascot of the Shanghai World Expo, and will appear in robotic form throughout the venue.

Tsutenkaku Robo Coming Soon

Robot Force has almost finished building a character robot based on the Tsutenkaku Robo seen attracting visitors to Osaka in tourism commercials.

• Alice in Wonderland

Passable, but doesn’t even approach the film I imagined given the pairing of Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland.

Prof. Minoru Asada on RoboCup & CB²

Prof. Minoru Asada recently gave an hour long talk about RoboCup and CB² in which he showed some previously unseen footage of the robots and experiments.

• Gemini

A designer from Tsukuba University created this pair of conceptual robots as “talking assistants”, to be placed in museums and art galleries to discuss various works.