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Archive for March, 2010

Dr. GIY’s Dancing Cat Robot

An exceptional dance routine by Dr. GIY using one of his Manoi AT01 robots.

Takeshi Maeda’s Latest Robot W.I.P.

Takeshi Maeda is building a new robot to compete at the upcoming ROBO-ONE tournament.

• Hai Bao

An entertainment / guide robot developed by Zhejiang University, Hai Bao will be out in full force at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

Robita’s Ignis Has Strong Legs (video)

Robita has redesigned his robot’s legs and they’re quite powerful!

• WAMOEBA Project

Sugano Lab, one of Waseda University’s robotics laboratories, worked for more than a decade on robots with basic survival mechanisms that they hypothesized would give rise to emotion and intelligence.

• Avalon

Avalon at first appears to be something of a poor man’s Matrix, but it manages to successfully carve its own niche by exploring what may yet become the future of video games.

Hinamitetu’s Acrobat Robot Successfully Grabs Horizontal Bar!

Hinamitetu’s acrobatic gymnast robot spins in the air, and then grabs back onto the horizontal bar. Pretty crazy stuff to do in your living room.

Honda Reveals Undocumented ASIMO Prototype (P4)

Honda is showing off a previously unseen prototype of their humanoid robot. The P4 is the last intermediate between the P3 and ASIMO.