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Archive for March, 2010


Following in the steps of Sugano Lab’s Hadaly-2, WENDY is a humanoid robot developed by Waseda University in 1998. It could successfully crack open eggs with its hands and has a high degree of compliance in its arms.

Willow Garage on their PR2 Beta Program

Willow Garage has posted some nice videos that are adding fuel to the fire of their PR2 Beta Program that will soon be giving away 10 world-class robots.

Mega Man 10 Available for WiiWare

Mega Man 10 launched for the Nintendo WiiWare service, with XBOX and PlayStation 3 getting theirs at the end of the month.

Seisan’s Robot Museum Closing after 4 Years

A robot museum run by an industrial robot rental and repair shop couldn’t keep it afloat. :( Some videos of the attractions included.

• A Tree of Palme

A beautiful, if somewhat impenetrable fantasy film inspired in part by the classic tale of Pinocchio.

• MeBot

MIT’s Personal Robotics Group has given birth to a small telepresence robot that looks downright silly.

• Hadaly & Hadaly-2

Hadaly and Hadaly-2 were developed in the mid-to-late ’90s by Waseda University’s Sugano Lab to be symbiotic robots capable of coexisting safely with human beings.