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Archive for April, 2010

Photos: Robot Performers in China

Photos of robots from various parts of China including mythic folk singers, beautiful model androids, and a huge rock-n-roll Transformer.


CHARLI holds the distinction for being the first complete (upper and lower body) full-sized humanoid robot built in the United States. Dr. Dennis Hong and his team at VA Tech’s RoMeLa will use CHARLI to compete in RoboCup’s Humanoid League (Adult class) this summer.

ROBOTS Podcast Reaches 50th Episode!

ROBOTS podcast has bundled an ton of interviews into one huge megacast for its 50th episode! Check it out.

Photo: Robot Statue in Dallas, Texas

A shiny, friendly traveler appears in Dallas, Texas.

• F-Zero GX

During the Gamecube era Nintendo partnered with a number of big developers including Konami, Namco, and SEGA. F-Zero GX was the best game to come out of these partnerships.


The Technical University of Munich and Bundeswehr University are developing a bipedal humanoid robot named LOLA that navigates in real-time using its stereo vision system, and is capable of running at 2km/h.

Photo: Giant Robot Baby Snuggles Shanghai Expo

A giant baby robot that moves and giggles will delight/frighten visitors to the Spanish Pavilion at the upcoming Shanghai World Expo.

PETMAN, BigDog Video Updates

Boston Dynamics has updated videos showcasing the latest improvements to their BigDog and PETMAN robots.