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Archive for April, 2010

Crazy Home-made Crab Robot (Not Crabfu!)

A Japanese hobbyist has created a hexapod crab robot.

• RunBot2

A small quadrupedal robot built by the Tokyo Polytechnic University.

• Geminoid-F

ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. have unveiled the latest in their line of realistic androids known as Geminoids.

Fujitsu’s Robotic Care Bear

A new therapeutic robot developed by Fujitsu in the form of a teddy bear can respond to a user’s facial expressions and behavior.

• Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks

The Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks is the 2nd in the series for the Nintendo DS. It improves on the previous game in key areas while adjusting the old formula in surprising ways.

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010, held at COEX in Seoul South Korea.

Thai Hostess & Her Robot Waiters

Motoman robots are being put to work as waiters in a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok.

NEC’s PaPeRo: The Robot Cashier

NEC is leveraging years of R&D in robotics to augment their self-checkout system.