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Archive for May, 2010

3rd Spanish Bipedal Robot Competition Held

Bipedolandia held the third Spanish hobby robot tournament in Madrid.

• The Cove

The Cove’s heavy-handedness towards Japan clouds the bigger issue, but still delivers an important message.

Robots Entertain in Plays, Puppet Shows

Robots are increasingly being used in stage plays, including a puppet show in South Korea.

• JoiTech Humanoid

The University of Osaka and the Osaka Institute of Technology have teamed up to create a new full-sized humanoid robot.

Iwata Asks: Sin & Punishment 2

All aboard the hype train! Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is coming out soon, so let this Q&A whet your appetite.

• Final Fantasy 5 Advance

Final Fantasy 5 was a Japan-only game for 7 years, and it took even longer for this, the definitive version, to arrive on the GameBoy Advance. Don’t pass up the chance to play this classic RPG.