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Archive for June, 2010

• M3-Kindy & Infant Robot Noby

JST Erato Asada Project, with Osaka University, AIST, and Tokyo University, have developed two new child robots that will be used to study cognitive development.

Mung; The Robotic Blob with Noble Ambitions

KAIST and Yonsei University developed this odd looking robot in 2007 and have been coming up with new ways to use it since.

RoboErectus Jr. Gets Awesome Redesign

An awesome new look rounds out the new capabilities of the redesigned RoboErectus Jr..

Vstone’s RYOMA Makes TV Appearance

Vstone has built a robot called RYOMA based on the former RoboCup champion, the VisiON 4G.

Vstone Tichno Just Wants to Have Fun

A promo video for Vstone Tichno, a character robot platform.

Chiba Institute of Technology’s Big & Small Robots

CIT’s Advanced Robotics Lab has created some unique robots, including a quadrupedal robot vehicle and small insect-like robots.

Photo: Robot Statue Made from Old Truck

A real-life Transformer in statue form.

JEAP Symposium Just Around The Corner

A symposium on baby robots will be rounded out by a demonstration at the end of the week.